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Halo Reach Deals

By Published on September 13th, 2010 No Comments

Halo Reach is coming out this Tuesday and has been getting solid reviews from multiple sources indicating it is the best Halo game in the series. If you are a die hard Halo fan you probably already have this pre-ordered. However, if you are like me you may have waited. Luckily you can still get a great pre-order deal if you want to try out the 4 player co-op campaign or partipate in some multi-player mayhem this week. Amazon is offering a $20 video game credit for a future purchase if you pre-order the game now. They tend to offer video game credit up until the end of the day the game ships, but this is Halo so I wouldn’t count on it. So you butr jump on this deal while you still can. Plus free shipping and no tax (in most states) certainly sweetens the deal. It’s practically free ($40) so what are you waiting for? Your other alternatives are Best Buy, Toys R Us, K-mart and Walmart. If you pick up the game this week at Best Buy they are offering a $20 gift card while Toys R Us is offering a $25 gift card to reward zone members on September 14th only. You can also dress up in your best pair of sweats and head on over to K-mart this week to get the game with a $25 gift card and a side of herpes if you are lucky enough to live near one.



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