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Butr’s Shit Talker’s Guide To Our Preseason Top 25: #5 FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES

By Published on August 30th, 2011 2 Comments

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Well look whose back in the Top 5 after being the laughing stock of the ACC. I can’t lie, I’ve enjoyed the last few years of watching your football players perform as if they were in the special Olympics. You’re basically Eastern Alabama so that’s what you’ll be referred to from here on out. The only thing your university is good for is pissing off Native Americans with your mascot and accepting the kids who couldn’t get into Duke. Since you play in a joke of a conference, you might actually do something special this year. I can see it now as you beat Oklahoma and roll through the rest of the season only to find out that half the team is academically ineligible for the bowl game and Jimbo is left with nothing but deep-fried frog legs to eat away his sorrows of coaching a team of dumb-fucks.


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