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Microsoft Logic at its Best: Can’t Stay Online? Stay with the 360

By Published on June 12th, 2013 No Comments

It’s hard to judge folks who (at least appears to be) are at the top of their craft. Take Microsoft Exec Don Mattrick for example. He has this new product, the Xbox One, which unfortunately requires you to be online in order to continue playing any game with the system. But, what if your ISP goes out or an act of God happens that prohibits you from logging on Xbox Live? How can you continue playing with your Xbox One?

Mattrick has a very, very simple solution that we couldn’t have seen coming:

Oh man, really?! You mean, if we can’t afford to be connected all the time, then we should just stick with our current gen consoles and completely ignore the Xbox One? Holy shit Don, what a concept! So what you’re saying is, we should give Sony our money instead? Mmk!

Via PlaystationLifeStyle

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