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TrueCar Ad Brings Out TrueIdiots

By Published on July 24th, 2013 No Comments

The folks over at TrueCar.com are facing a shit storm of vitriol and hate due to their recent ad, apparently depicting “sexism”. Here, take a look for yourself and see if you can spot the supposed sexist remark:

Did you hear it? If you said, “Yup, by her saying she ‘doesn’t need a dude’ with her in buying a car, that’s pretty sexist,” then congratulations! Now, please go fuck yourself as a reward. This is another one of those overblown and overtly ridiculous claims of “sexism” and profiling that’s pretty fucking rampant these days unfortunately.

Look purchasing a car’s a hassle for either a man, woman or perhaps in ten years, cats. If you haven’t noticed, general demographics (and more importantly, common knowledge) suggests that men are more inclined to be more enthusiastic about automobiles, so women in general aren’t exactly gearheads by nature. By the woman saying she doesn’t “need a dude” with her to buy a car means that she just doesn’t need help–period. It’s like me being offended as a man if there was some sort of make-up service site, perhaps something called TruFoundation.com, because a man said at the end, “It’s so easy, I don’t need a woman with me!” (hey foundation brings out my eyes, don’t judge me bro).

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