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Grant Morrison’s 7 year Batman story concludes with Batman, Incorporated #13 out this week.

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It is so hard to say goodbye to a mastermind such as Grant Morrison, but we must. The genius creator who has brought us such Epic runs on Superman, Justice League, and Animal Man to say a few finished his iconic run writing Batman comics this week after 7 years.  It isn’t very often that we see one writer work on one character for so long but Grant Morrison is not just any ordinary writer.  His story began in 2006 with Batman 655 and ends this week with Batman, Incorporated #13.

The issue starts with commissioner Gordon finally arresting Bruce Wayne!

Bruce Wayne you are under arrest!

Bruce Wayne you are under arrest!

We get several flashback images interspersed with Gordon interrogating Bruce at the police station.  The story continues to unfold to its dramatic conclusion.

Batman, Incorporated was designed to be a worldwide network of “Batmen” from different countries carrying on the legacy and meaning of what Batman stood for.  He has been fighting against the mysterious forces of Leviathan for a while and he is up against the ropes.  He has already lost his son Damian Wayne to the hands of his mother Talia Al Ghul and refuses to lose anymore of his loved ones.  Bruce….Batman will do anything to make sure Gotham and his family survive…ANYTHING.


Batman, Inc. fighting evil literally around the world

This book continues the amazing journey we started with Grant Morrison 7 years ago and wraps up everything with a finale that will leave some thrilled, stunned, upset, and maybe satisfied.  Grant recently even said in an interview “I really think a lot of people will hate it, because it’s super bleak. It kind of – to a certain extent it destroys the concept of Batman.”  I agree with him, some will hate it, but I loved it!

I wont spoil who comes back at the end of this issue, but boy is it a doozy! Most of even the hardcore Batman fans will have to wikipedia this one!  This is how a creator should end his run, leaving the fans wanting more.

The King says you definitely should run out and grab a copy of this grand finale!  It is not only worth your money, it is worth holding onto for the future.  This is going to be a sought after once it gets more play in the comic realm this week.  Must Buy!

Published by DC Comics, Written by Grant Morrison, Beautifully Drawn by Chris Burnham.  $2.99


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