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Old Fashioned College Football Podcast: Johnny Manziel, Arrest Report, & Coaches Poll

By Published on August 7th, 2013 No Comments

We are back with Old Fashioned College Football and we got some stories for you that has happened this past week:

Johnny ManzielESPN reports that Johnny Manziel has taken $7,500 for signing over 300 football helmets. While watching Outside the Lines on ESPN, we over hear that the same lawyers who helped keep Cam Newton out of trouble his senior year are going to be the same people that will defend Manziel. Will Manziel be suspended? Will he be fined? Or Both? Will we find out the results of this situation before the season starts?

Coaches Poll – Last week, the Coaches Poll was released and I did a mini breakdown of what I thought of the actual poll. We go in depth on the top 25. What does Tomas think about the top 25? What would we change? Is the AP Poll going to look similar/different?

Arrest Report – Tomas, one of our contributors to Butr on our sports podcast, released a post about all the arrests per school from August 1, 2012-August 1, 2013. We found out, that there was actually a 5 way tie for most arrests by school: Kentucky, Pitt, Middle Tennessee St, Oklahoma, Washington St. were Middle Tennessee St. (7 of them). So we concluded that they just wanted to do hood rat stuff with their friends… (At the 55 second mark below).

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