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The Bums of Summer Podcast: Summary of The Hottest Team in Baseball, The Dodgers - butr.net

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The Bums of Summer Podcast: Summary of The Hottest Team in Baseball, The Dodgers

By Published on August 8th, 2013 No Comments

The Dodgers finally lose on the road after setting a Dodger franchise record and having one of the greatest winning streaks of all time at 15. We are proud of what the Dodgers have done in the last two months, but what is next? Take a listen to our podcast and see what we think.

This is what we discussed during the podcast:

The Dodger bats have begun to start cooling in August hitting .249 (16th overall in league), yet the Dodgers still have a team batting average of .264 which is 6th overall in the league.

The Dodger pitchers are still staying strong all around with an ERA for the month of August at 2.21 Team ERA (5th overall in league), and the Dodgers continue a strong Team ERA at 3.43, which is 4th overall in the league.

Runners in Scoring Position has been an issue for the Dodgers all year. They are 20th in the league, but are 8th in at-bat opportunity’s which means the Dodgers are hitting the ball just fine, but not when it counts. Another interesting stat I noticed about the Dodgers was hitting home run with runner’s in scoring position. They sit at 25th in the league.  These numbers are going to have to improve because you can’t just win with pitching and below average defense (Dodgers ranked 23rd).


Hanley Ramirez – In the last month, Hanley has been hitting a respectable .308, and has hit the most doubles (8), stolen bases (3), homers (4) , and RBI (17) on the team. Can he stay healthy?

Yaisel Puig – In the last month, Puig has continued to show he’s a superstar hitting .318 with 3 homers, 6 RBI, and 11 walks. Gonzalez and Puig got into altercation, what do we think about the way Puig handled it? How did Gonzo handle it?

Adrian Gonzalez – In the last month, Gonzalez has continued do what he has done all year: be consistent and lead by example. He is hitting .300, has the most hits in this time span with 30, 2 homers, 8 walks, and 14 RBI…what else can we ask from the guy? How did he handle Puig?

Mark Ellis – In the last month, Ellis continues to be the blue-collar leader on this team. He is hitting .313, a homer, and 12 RBI. Can he do more? If so, what? Are we happy with what he has done?

Andre Ethier – Has finally happened? Is Ethier hitting? In the last month he has. He is hitting .287 with 2 homers, 7 doubles, 11 RBI, and leading the team in walks at 13. Do you think having him as a factor really put the Dodgers in the running or do we need more from him?

Almost The Whole Dodger Staff – Here are the numbers below over the last month:




Juan Uribe – He surprised a lot of Dodger fans hitting as well as he has (For Juan Uribe). But, this last month has been tough for him hitting .225 with one homer, 4 RBI, and 3 walks. What did we expect? Nothing to see here.

Hyun-Jin Ryu – Aaron is about to cry, but yes, Ryu’s 4.76 ERA over the last month has been one of his weaker performances throughout this year. Yes, we know he went 4-0 but that doesn’t take into consideration that he had a lot of help.

All stats are as of August 6, 2013

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