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Gaming Deal of the Week- Tomb Raider (A.K.A. Staring at Lara Croft’s Butt)

By Published on August 13th, 2013 No Comments

After recently completing the campaign for Tomb Raider I can honestly say I think it is the best in the series. Although there are not too many puzzles and they are not very difficult, the gameplay is smooth and the graphics are stunning. I completed it on the Xbox 360. Various console comparisons of the game put the PS3 version ahead of the 360 visually, but I think you will be happy with any version of the game you pick up.  For those that can’t stand the Tomb Raider series you should definitely still appreciate the game if you enjoy 3rd person action/adventure games like Uncharted. It is currently selling for $19.99 on both Amazon and Best Buy. So go pick it up already so you can stare at Lara’s backside and shoot arrows through peoples faces.

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