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Old Fashioned College Football Podcast: Week 1 Upset Alerts, Greatest College Football Teams, Texas A&M Chancellor Speaks

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Old Fashioned College Football is back! We have a new microphone and God…do we sound good ; ). Listen to our take on this week’s biggest news in the world of College Football.

Even though I went over the overrated/underrated teams in the AP Poll and how they compared to the media, Thomas has his perspective and I can’t wait to hear it.

LinemanStanford Cardinal are very strong this year, but have lost the heart of the running game with Stepfan Taylor. Will this take an effect on the team? Can the line with hold the pressure? Rotation at the running back position a bad sign? release the Top Teams per Decade and the Greatest Program of all Time via the Final AP Poll rankings in College Football Season since 1936.

Top Team of 1930’s – Notre Dame

Top Team of 1940’s – Michigan

Top Team of 1950’s – Oklahoma

Top Team of 1960’s – Alabama

Top Team of 1970’s – Oklahoma

Top Team of 1980’s – Nebraska

Top Team of 1990’s – Florida State

Top Team of 2000’s – Texas

Top Team of 2010’s – Oregon

Greatest College Programs – Top 25

1 Oklahoma 953
2 Michigan 943
3 Ohio State 927
4 Alabama 923
5 Notre Dame 918
6 Nebraska 783
7 USC 782
8 Texas 771
9 Tennessee 678
10 Penn State 646
11 LSU 590
12 Georgia 531
13 Auburn 526
14 Miami 511
T15 Florida 486
T15 Florida State 486
17 UCLA 477
18 Arkansas 439
19 Michigan State 380
20 Texas A&M 356
21 Washington 330
22 Georgia Tech 325
23 Ole Miss 322
24 Wisconsin 305
25 Iowa 302

Texas A&M chancellor recently spoke out on the issues surrounding Johnny Manziel. What do we think? How do we feel about the chancellor’s opinions? Here are his quotes:

“I also think that there’s something, you know this is just me talking not as chancellor of the system, something is wrong with the system when we can make money off of our football players, the NCAA make money off of our football players and they can’t be treated like Olympic athletes.”

“I suspect, courts or somebody or the NCAA is going to have to take a look at that and see whether or not they’re violating someone’s anti-trust deal. How can the NCAA, for instance, make money off of his jerseys and he can’t, you know, make two bucks off of signing something like that, like other athletes can who happen to be in the Olympics. That’s just my opinion.”

“I’ll tell you what’s true, without a doubt, he’s a good kid. He is an honest kid, he has his heart in the right place and I think a whole bunch of folks are mistreating him and I’m not very happy about that.”

Listen to our take on the payment of collegiate football players.

Florida StateOne more week until we have our Week 1 Preview and we can’t wait, so we found an article on teams that should be on upset alert. Matt Hayes from Sporting News has five games to watch for:

Toledo at Florida (-24)

Ohio at Louisville (-11)

Florida State (-10) at Pittsburgh

Northern Illinois at Iowa (-3)

Kentucky (-4.5) at Western Kentucky

What do we think of these picks? Are these an actual possibility? We will see and we can’t wait! We will see you this coming week for the Week 1 College Football Preview.

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