Brewers Have Taken Their Creativity to Guac’ Territory

By Published on August 20th, 2013 No Comments

DSC_00071-213x320I’m all for creative ways in cooking up delicious foods, but taking the same creative liberties with alcoholic beverages is something that’s far from attractive to my taste buds.

Los Angeles based brewing company, Angel City Brewery is taking their varied beer selection to a new level of originality, with Avocado beer. It will debut in Los Angeles at their very own Avocado Festival.

Dipping some chips in some guac’ and chasing it with an avocado beer sounds less than pleasing to my ears, but I’m sure the festival will attract many curious drinkers.

Find yourself thirsty and adventurous in LA on August 24th? Head on over to the festival.

Via Los Angeles Times

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