Ben Affleck Joins ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel as The Dark Knight

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Batman will tell Superman to “Ar-go f*** himself.”

Well, not quite. Warner Bros. has just confirmed today that the award-winning director of last year’s Academy Award-winner for Best Picture, Ben Affleck, will be Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. Scheduled to be released in July 17, 2015, Affleck will be co-starring with Henry Cavill, who will of course return as Superman/Clark Kent along with Zack Snyder back in the director’s chair.

This won’t be Affleck’s first tussle in tights as a comic book icon. In 2003, he played the title character in Marvel’s highly disregarded Daredevil film. Also, while not fighting crime necessarily, he also starred in the 2006 drama, Hollywoodland, as George Reeves, who played Superman in the 1950s TV series.

While details in the upcoming Man of Steel are still skim, let alone that it’s yet to be given an official title, the inclusion of Affleck has undoubtedly lifted the film’s expectations significantly higher. Not just in the eyes of critics, but also, in box office numbers. Let’s not forget that the summer of 2015 also includes Marvel’s sequel to one of the biggest blockbuster films ever to hit the silvers screen: The Avengers.  And speaking of super hero teams, just last year, Affleck was highly-rumored to be directing DC’s own hero mash-up, Justice League — does this mean he will inevitably be in the film as well?

Man of Steel will be coming out on DVD and Blu-ray this November 12, 2013.

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