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The Dark Steal: Is Batman Now Eclipsing The ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel?

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So by now, we’ve pretty much heard about the mostly-negative news of Ben Affleck becoming Batman ad nauseam in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel. And therein lies the potential irony of all this–is this “sequel” to WB’s summer hit even mostly about Superman anymore? Let’s check out some perspectives via the info that’s been given so far to make a closer assessment:

Star power: It’s a Batman movie

Clearly, Ben Affleck’s a more recognized name worldwide in comparison to Henry Cavill. Though Cavill’s portrayal Superman definitely deserves a lot of praise and merit, there’s no question that a lot of eyes will be wandering over Affleck’s upcoming performance as Gotham’s caped crusader.

Comic book appeal: It’s a Batman movie

Now, I am in no regards a “comic book” fanatic such as our own Ian Shapiro, but in looking at the comic book hero appeal between the two DC icons from a general audience perspective, especially considering the success of Nolan’s Bat-trilogy compared to well…only Superman Returns, I would say Bruce Wayne’s saga is a rather more endearing one than the tales of Clark Kent.

Movie production: It’s a Superman movie

Cavill’s obviously back. Director Zack Snyder’s back. Christopher Nolan’s credited as producer again, as well as David S. Goyer’s screenplay back in the mix. While the rest of the cast hasn’t confirmed their return–Amy Adams as Louis Lane among the few–it’s pretty much the same crew that did Man of Steel.

Well, looks like a Batman movie to me. Of course, there are many more factors that I may have missed or did not include, but these are just my gut reactions and observations so far. How  about you? Do you think Snyder and crew will still make this upcoming sequel a story mainly about Superman? Or will it give both characters equal nods as its prime catapult to the story?

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