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Who Lives, Who Dies, and Who Escapes from Dimension Z in this weeks Captain America #10

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Captain America 10

This week we see the culmination of Rick Remender & John Romita Jr.’s 10 month run on Captain America. When Marvel relaunched Captain America 10 months ago under the Marvel Now! imprint Rick Remender came up with a daring new storyline for Captain America. Rick Remender wanted to flip everything we knew about Steve Rogers on its head and throw us into the world of Dimension Z. This was a drastic change from the world of crime fighting and the Avengers setting in the normal Marvel Universe. This storyline was solely set in this new world that we the reader had no information about. The storyline that has been building for almost a year led us to believe that Steve Rogers was kidnapped and somehow abandoned in Dimension Z under Arnim Zola’s rule. Arnim Zola is a classic Cap villain and it seemed that he finally got the better of Steve. He spent years raising a boy as his own but who was not his own just to save him from Zola. Zola was using this world to create his mutates as an army building to an unknown grand plan. Zola was also using this world to destroy Steve Rogers physically, emotionally, and mentally. We have witnessed Steve beaten to a bloody pulp multiple times over the last 10 months and no one can do bloody better than Kick-Ass artist John Romita Jr. We saw Steve beaten and broken and left for dead many times over the decades but he always fought back as he has done since his creation in Captain America Comics #1 way back in 1941. Cap is an iconic character who has just become a household name in the past few years thanks to the success of his own movie starring Chris Evans, The Avengers, and the soon to be released Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Two months ago we found out a shocking twist to the story when we saw Sharon Carter, aka S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 13 make an appearance in Dimension Z. She told Steve that he has not been missing for the decade he believed but was in fact only missing for 30 minutes all of his memories are implants. Sharon has helped him recover enough to take on Arnim Zola in a fight to the death. Zola seemingly sacrificed himself to save his daughter Jet so she could have a better life.


The evil Arnim Zola had a moment of what we thought was clarity in sacrificing himself for his daughter to survive hoping she would take over his mantle and kill Steve Rogers and conquer the world in Zola’s name once and for all. She did not want to follow in her evil father’s footsteps and wanted to live a normal life. She has seen the atrocities he has perpetrated on the world and was ready for a fresh start, until of course she sees Sharon Carter with a detonator to destroy Dimension Z and Zola’s fortress once and for all. She has yet another change or heart and attacks Sharon and Steve and steals the detonator and the chase is on! Steve and Sharon are in hot pursuit when they are attacked by Zola’s army of mutates in which Steve decides to get off this ride and take on a mutated version of himself. Sharon continues the chase of Jet to get back the detonator so they can blow this thing and go home. Sharon tries to convince Jet that if they do not escape destroy everything and every mutate there, they will invade the Earth and billions will die. Steve takes care of his mutated self and rejoins Sharon and a yet again changed minded Jet. They are all set to destroy everything when Arnim Zola reveals his true self and expresses his shame for his daughter.


It was all a test the entire time and Jet failed miserably! Arnim has no problem killing them all before invading the Earth. This is where this review ends, if you want to know who survives, who escapes, and who dies then you need to throw down your hard earned dollars at your local comic store this week!

This 10 issue storyline at first was a jarring experience for this longtime Captain America fan. I did not know how I was going to like this story and I was on the fence for a while. I am glad I stuck with it because it really paid off to me in the end. I fell in love with the works of Rick Remender on his Uncanny X-Force run, which really set the tone for that book for a long time. He knows how to write action and drama in his books and always leaves you wanting more. John Romita Jr. has always been a favorite for me. He has been a long time Marvel artist and has worked on almost every major Marvel character and Cap and Spider-Man are my favorites from him. This storyline does not carry a lot of backstory or continuity. These 10 issues are a great read and i would recommend them for any Captain America fan or any fan of good action comic books.

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