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Who Wants To Make Some Money? Buy This Comic Now. *Spoilers*

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So I am starting a new segment this week that tells you of a hot tip on a comic book that most likely will sell out and increase in value. Now as always, I cannot guarantee this will happen but I believe this is a good investment of $3. First of all the book is Catwoman #23. Catwoman is a steady but weaker seller in the DC New 52 Universe. Catwoman is a strongly written book that is always entertaining and is connected to the Batman end of the DC world. Catwoman is popular and is read by both men and women. So what makes this book so different? What makes the 23rd issue of Catwoman worth buying? Well it has the first appearance of a major new character in the New DC Universe. Said character is going to be a big deal in the coming months and reportedly will be selling very well next month during DC’s Forever Evil event. As i said in the subject line you so graciously clicked on, Spoilers are in the image below but you knew that already. Let me introduce you to none other than…

IMG_0167The Joker’s Daughter! Yes, the Joker has a daughter and yes she seems to be just as maniacal and evil and no she is not fan favorite Harley Quinn. Want to know more? Buy this months Catwoman 23 before it sells out and get next months Batman: Dark Knight 23.4- The Joker’s Daughter. Don’t say I didn’t warn you all!

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