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Justice League #23- Trinity War Ends and Forever Evil Begins Here *Spoilers Galore*

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Justice League #23

The Trinity War has been the biggest story in the DCU over the last 2 months. The crossover between Justice League, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark ends this week in Justice League #23. The issue does a great job of catching us up on the history of the League and what happened in this crossover. 5 years ago in the New 52 DC Universe the Justice League formed to fight the big bad villain known as Darkseid. He is a dimension hopping world conqueror who wanted to enslave the Earth, but the might of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Cyborg had other plans for him. (Volume 1 Graphic Novel or Issues 1-6).

Now I rarely like to spoil storylines I review but there is no way to talk about this issue without spoiling what happened and where it is going. So do not say I did not warn you. The story starts off with Earth 3 Alfred recapping how the walls between Earths was breached and he was lost on our Earth. He created the Secret Society with the help of many of the Leagues nemesis in order to help his master and capture Pandora’s Box. Pandora is a new DC Universe character over the last 2 years since the world rebooted to become “The New 52”. Evil Alfred was preparing for his masters arrival to this world in order to enslave it. Everyone wants to enslave the Earth I guess. After that recap we catch up to our heroes that previously were seen in Justice League Dark & Justice League of America.


Pandora’s Box for some reason makes anyone who touches it into an evil nastier version of themselves. Luckily for the heroes, John Constantine gets his hands on the box, and since he is already a corrupt person, he is not affected. Everyone wants to get their hands on the box because they know it isnt just a powerful box but is a gateway to something bigger. Everyone is fighting over the box and getting nastier by the minute. We get some gorgeous fight scenes in this book courtesy of Ivan Reis and no one writes heroes fighting better than Geoff Johns. We get Green Lantern vs Batman, Wonder Woman vs Mera, Frankenstein vs Shazam, everyone pretty much vs everyone! Ivan Reis, formerly a Green Lantern artist, does massive fight scenes so well. This book is primarily double page or splash pages for the fight scenes to really get as many characters on the page at once. Reis was very good at this when he was the artist on Green Lantern and had to show the vastness of space and the epicness of the Green Lantern Corps. Batman gets his hands on the box and a Kryptonite infected sick Superman wants the box. Unfortunately for Batman, when Superman is upset, there isnt much that can stop him, except for an even more pissed off Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman vs Superman

Wonder Woman helps take down the sick weakened Superman with a swift gut punch that sends a shockwave knocking down our heroes. That is when they learn that Superman has a shard of Kryptonite lodged in his brain. How it got there? A little hidden spy planted by Evil Alfred and the Secret Society. The Atom! She has secretly been undercover in the League the entire time and when no one was paying attention shrunk down to a microscopic version with kryptonite in hand and lodged it inside of Superman’s Brain! She reveals herself to be the traitor they have been searching for and explains that Victor a.k.a Cyborg is also a traitor, which is news to him. Just then Cyborg’s armor starts to freak out and separates from his destroyed body. The Grid is born, the evil version of Cyborg from Earth 3. It is uncertain at this point if Cyborg has survived this attack as his body is almost destroyed without his armor to keep him alive. Evil Alfred finally gets his hands on Pandora’s Box and begins opening the portal. He explains that the box did not just contain the 7 deadly sins that were unleashed on the world but is in fact a portal to the birthplace of Evil, Earth 3! On Earth 3, only evil versions of everyone exists and the portal has been opened and the Crime Syndicate lives! The Crime Syndicate is the Evil version of the Justice League.


The Trinity War crossover turned out to be just a long prelude to the September event called Forever Evil! In September, every DC comic will be taken over by a villain. Each book will also have a special 3D cover, if you can find a copy. One of the hottest books next month in the Forever Evil event will be Batman The Dark Knight featuring the Joker’s Daughter who I wrote about already this month. Next month we will get 52 comic books spotlighting 52 villains. Next wednesday will see the storyline start with Forever Evil #1 and I highly recommend you pick up a copy.  Check out the following images below to see all 52 comics that will be released in September.

As I already mentioned, many of these books will sell out because of the 3D covers, and some of the characters should attract a good amount of people. All of these issues are one-shot stories that will be contained to that book. Pick up whichever villains whet your appetite for more, but the following books are the ones I would keep an eye on. Zod #1, Lex Luthor #1, Doomsday #1, Joker #1, Court of Owls #1, Joker’s Daughter #1, Relic #1, First Born #1, Court Vertigo #1, Darkseid #1, Secret Society #1, and Black Adam #1. All of these books look like they will be good sellers, will most likely go up in value, and will be fun reads.




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