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Pro Football’s Physically Unable to Perform Podcast: Week 1 Preview - butr.net

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Pro Football’s Physically Unable to Perform Podcast: Week 1 Preview

By Published on September 5th, 2013 2 Comments

The boy discuss Pro Football! This is going to be interesting. Aaron talks about his blind faith in the Colts, we discuss our week 1 preview, and make predictions using the point spread this week. Click that play button and have a listen!

Week 1 Predictions

September 5, 2013

Ravens @ Broncos (-7.5)

John Harbaugh discusses the strength of the Broncos…the crowd:

“I’ve got a pretty good feeling that the Broncos fans are going to make us remember (and) think about everything that they want to,” coach John Harbaugh told the Ravens’ official website.

“We know the environment we’re going into. It will be the same environment, or even tougher, than the one that we faced in January. And we’re excited about that.”

Aaron’s Pick: Broncos

Demetrios’ Pick: Broncos

September 8, 2013

(-11) Patriots @ Bills

Patriots 2012 Stats

Tom Brady 401-637, 4,827 Passing Yards, 34 TD’s

Stevan Ridley 290 Attempts, 1,263 Rushing Yards, 12 TD’s

Bills 2012 Stats

Fitzpatrick 306-505, 3,400 Passing Yards, 24 TD’s

Spiller 207 Attempts 1,244 Rushing Yards, 6 TD’s

Aaron’s Pick: Bills with Points (Patriots to Win)

Demetrios’ Pick: Bills with Points (Patriots to Win)

Bengals @ Bears (-3)

The Bengals are pretty confident this year, specifically cornerback Terence Newman,

“As far as the talent on this team, it’s unparalleled,” Newman said. “You can look at different teams and say, ‘Well they’ve got this, they’ve got this.’ We have just as good as anybody else.”

Jay Cutler says the Bears are going to throw the ball around,

“We’re going to spread it around,” Cutler said. “We can’t just throw to Brandon and give the ball to Matt. We’ve got to figure out ways to get other guys involved.”

Aaron’s Pick: Bengals

Demetrios’ Pick: Bengals

Dolphins @ Browns (-1)

Dolphins 2012 Stats

Tannehill 282-484, 3294 Passing Yards, 12 TD’s

Hartline 74 Receptions, 11,083 Yards, 1 TD

Browns 2012 Stats

Weeden 297-517, 3,385 Passing Yards, 14 TD’s

Richardson 267 Attempts, 950 Yards, 11 TD’s

Aaron’s Pick: Browns

Demetrios’ Pick: Browns

Vikings @ Lions (-5)

Vikings 2012 Stats

Ponder 300-483, 2,935 Passing Yards, 18 TD’s

Peterson 348 Attempts, 2,097 Yards, 12 TD’s

Lions 2012 Stats

Stafford 435-727, 4,967 Passing Yards, 20 TD’s

Johnson 122 Receptions, 1,964 Yards, 5 TD’s

Aaron’s Pick: Lions

Demetrios’ Pick: Vikings with Points (Lions to Win)  

Raiders @ Colts (-10.5)

Andrew Luck has done many good things his first year.

Though he completed 54.1 percent of his passes and threw 18 interceptions compared to 23 touchdowns, Luck set NFL rookie records for yards passing (4,374), attempts (627), 300-yard games (six) and fourth-quarter comebacks (seven). More importantly for the Colts, they won nine more games and reached the playoffs.

Shocked to read about the Colts, 2011-2012 winning percentage over the past 30 plus years,

That .563 single-season improvement in winning percentage is tied for third-best since 1980, and they hope the rise continues this season.

Terrell Pryor will start and,

He’s among 14 quarterbacks to start for the Raiders since the beginning of the 2004 season — tied with Cleveland and Miami for the most during that span.

Aaron’s Pick: Colts

Demetrios’ Pick: Raiders with Points (Colts to Win)

Falcons @ Saints (-3)

Falcons 2012 Stats

Ryan 422-615, 4,719 Passing Yards, 32 TD’s

White 92 Receptions 1,351 Yards, 7 TD’s

Saints 2012 Stats

Brees 422-670, 5,177 Passing Yards, 43 TD’s

Colston 83 Receptions, 1,154 Yards, 10 TD’s

Aaron’s Pick: Falcons

Demetrios’ Pick: Saints

(-3.5) Buccaneers @ Jets

Buccaneers 2012 Stats

Freeman 306-558, 4,065 Passing Yards, 27 TD’s

Martin 319 Attempts, 1,454 Yards, 11 TD’s

Jets 2012 Stats

Greene 276 Attempts, 1,063 Yards, 8 TD’s

Kerley 56 Receptions, 827 Yards, 2 TD’s

Aaron’s Pick: Buccaneers

Demetrios’ Pick: Buccaneers

Titans @ Steelers (-7.5)

Mike Tomlin has liked the approach to start the season.

“I like our preparation,” coach Mike Tomlin told the team’s official website. “We are focused on what is going to be required for us to do to win this weekend. We’re going to take a business-like approach to it like we did in the preseason.”

Why the Steelers are consistently good year in, and year out:

The Steelers led the NFL with 275.8 yards allowed per game last season but forced just 20 turnovers — the eighth fewest in the league.

Titans are hoping to get out of mediocrity:

“We want to take it to the next level,” Britt said. “We don’t want to be one of them mediocre teams out there not making the playoffs every year.”

Aaron’s Pick: Titans with Points (Steelers to Win)

Demetrios’ Pick: Titans with Points (Steelers to Win)

(-3.5) Seahawks @ Panthers

Pete Carroll looks to continue another strong outing at this year and feels like,

“We’re ready to go,” said coach Pete Carroll, whose team rallied from a 20-point first-half deficit before Matt Bryant‘s field goal with eight seconds left dealt it a 30-28 divisional playoff loss at Atlanta. “It’s great that the regular season is here.

“We wanted to put together a good offseason and a solid preseason, and I thought we did.”

Greg Olsen explains why they need to start the season with early wins in the season because,

“We can’t put ourselves in that hole and think a late six-game push is going to put us over the top when you start the season 2-8,” tight end Greg Olsen said. “We need those late-season pushes, but that is to put you into the playoffs not to just salvage a season.

“We need to make those games in November and December real and the only way to do that is to put ourselves in playoff contention early.”

Aaron’s Pick: Seahawks

Demetrios’ Pick: Seahawks

(-4) Chiefs @ Jaguars

Alex Smith is excited to take on the job as the Chiefs quarterback,

“I think every team in the NFL has positive expectations right now, every single one,” Smith said. “It’s a fresh start. It’s a new beginning for everybody. It’s what team is going to put in the work and take the steps necessary to get better?”

Gabbert is named quarterback over Chad Henne and explains,

“It’s uncomfortable, but at the same time, it’s just something you can’t worry about,” Gabbert said. “You’re going to feel good some days and some days not so much, but at the same time the more I can do out there the more reps I can get, it’s going to help me mentally and physically.”

Aaron’s Pick: Chiefs

Demetrios’ Pick: Chiefs

Cardinals @ Rams (-4.5)

Cardinals 2012 Stats

Kolb 109-183, 1,169 Passing Yards, 8 TD’s

Fitzgerald 71 Receptions, 798 Yards, 4 TD’s

Rams 2012 Stats

Bradford 328-551, 3,702 Passing Yards, 21 TD’s

Jackson 257 Attempts, 1,042 Yards, 4 TD’s

Aaron’s Pick: Rams

Demetrios’ Pick: Rams

Packers @ 49ers (-4.5)

Packers 2012 Stats

Rogers 371-552, 4,295 Passing Yards, 39 TD’s

Green 135 Attempts, 464 Yards, 8 TD’s

49ers 2012 Stats

Kaepernick 136-218, 1,814 Passing Yards, 10 TD’s

Gore 258 Attempts, 1,214 Yards, 8 TD’s

Aaron’s Pick: Packers with Points (49ers to Win)

Demetrios’ Pick: Packers with Points (49ers to Win)

Giants @ Cowboys (-3)

Giants discuss health being the most important thing for this team.

“For us it is all about staying healthy,” said end Justin Tuck, one of numerous Giants defensive players looking to bounce back from subpar seasons. “We obviously know what it takes to get to the top of that mountain.”

“It’s something you just can’t rush into and it’s for your health,” Pierre-Paul, who managed 6 1/2 sacks last season after piling up 16 1/2 in 2011, said Monday. “Right now I’m doing the smart thing and just taking it day by day.

“When I come back, I’ll be fully ready to play. We have our rotations, but I’ll be ready to play. It’s all on the coaches, too, how they want to play me.”

Romo discusses how they are going to win.

“There’s just a way to play winning football and there’s a way not to,” Romo said. “And we’re going to make sure we play winning football, that’s everybody included. When we’re not, it needs to be extremely important and I think it is.”

Aaron’s Pick: Giants

Demetrios’ Pick: Giants

September 9, 2013

Eagles @ Redskins (-3)

RGIII is ready to play and cleared as the Redskins discuss,

“You’re always trying to take a look at what’s in the best interest of your football team, obviously the health of your football team as well,” Shanahan said. “But if we didn’t feel like Robert was full-go, and he was ready to play and do all the things that you ask a guy to do, he would not be playing in this game.

“We believe he can do everything that a quarterback is asked to do.”

Vick is excited to start and sounds focused.

“I’m going to have the opportunity to do what I want to do in this offense and run the football,” the 33-year-old Vick said. “And yes, I will be a threat. I think you’ve got to take on a certain mindset that you’re going to play the game all-out.”

Aaron’s Pick: Redskins

Demetrios’ Pick: Redskins

(-4) Texans @ Chargers

Texans 2012 Stats

Schaub 350-544, 4008 Passing Yards, 22 TD’s

Johnson 112 Receptions, 1,598 Yards, 4 TD’s

Chargers 2012 Stats

Rivers 338-537, 3,606 Passing Yards, 26 TD’s

Matthews 56 Receptions, 814 Yards, 5 TD’s

Aaron’s Pick: Texans

Demetrios’ Pick: Texans

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