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Have The Villains Won? The Justice League is Dead, Thanos is Conquering Marvel

By Published on September 6th, 2013 No Comments

It appears that the villains from the DC Universe called up the villains of the Marvel Universe and planned a coordinated attack this week. This week saw a massive amount of new comics released as Forever Evil started in the DC Universe and Infinity #2 came out. Not only do we get those, but we also got the start of the Battle of the Atom X-Men X-travaganza X-Over….phew…my wallet hurts!

Infinity #2

Lets start with Infinity #2. Last issue we saw our heroes and their allies get their behinds handed to them in space. The Avengers had the brilliant idea of Attacking the builders where they live in deep space. What they failed to understand was that the Builders are basically gods and have a lot of bad guys on their sides who can whoop some butt real fast. The combined might of the Shi’ar, the Kree, the Skrulls, and the Inhumans were no match for the Builders. The Avengers were split up and trapped in space. Meanwhile Thanos sent his 5 monsters called the Cull Obsidian in search of the lost Infinity Gems to remake his gauntlet only to find that one still exists in our plane of existance, he just had to find where and who was hiding it.  S.W.O.R.D Headquarters and Agent Brand are orbiting the Earth when they are attacked from within by some goons that were sent by Thanos. They cannot figure out why anyone would be attacking the station without trying to get any encrypted files on the mainframe or infiltrate their main systems.  Their mainframe was ignored and that is when Agent Brand realizes the attack was a diversion to block their tracking devices and automated targeting systems. Agent Brand realizes the Earth is on the brink of invasion.


We then get a flash of what all 5 of the Cull Obsidian is up to on behalf of Thanos. Corvus Glaive and Supergiant pay Wolverine & Company a visit with a spear through the stomach, Proxima Midnight made Namor make a deal to save his dying people, The Ebony Maw got inside the head of the Sorceror Supreme to search for the lost Infinity Gems. On a good note, The Black Dwarf was fought back out of Wakanda. Flash forward and Corvus Glaive pays a visit to the Inhuman royal family to request an appearance before King Black Bolt. They entertain the idea to see what Thanos and his cronies are up to this time. As with every super villain Corvus Glaive goes on about their existence and plans. he explains how the Cull Obsidians purpose is to kill and separate the weak from the strong. He came to deliver a message to King Black Bolt. His message is that they know the secret the Inhumans are hiding. He says that holding secrets from Thanos comes with consequences and he demands payment for those secrets. Queen Medusa warns Corvus Glaive that many have come into their home and threatened their family and all have ended up dead. He goes on to explain how they are not afraid of death and orders 4 of his men to kill themselves in a very bloody and violent way right in front of the Queen and they oblige him. Corvus goes on to explain that even if he is killed by the Inhumans someone will come and they will keep coming until Thanos gets what he wants.

Infinity Threat

Corvus demands that the Inhumans hand over the heads of every 16-22 year old in their kingdom! Needless to say Queen Medusa and King Black Bolt are horrified and shocked as they watch Corvus Glaive leave their kingdom. Meanwhile the Avengers and the Shi’ar lead the fight to the builders again delivering a very important victory for once. The issue ends with a major revelation as King Black Bolt meets in secret with the Illuminati and explains what Thanos is really looking for. I wont tell you what it is so go buy the book! So far Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity is offering what he does best, intrigue, mystery, and great dialogue. This book is flowing well and the companion Avengers and New Avengers books are really building a strong story and this reader has no clue where this is going. We already know a major Inhumans even launches after Infinity is done in the winter, so what happens, where is this going, and what the heck is up with Thanos!

Next up we are going to discuss the massive event that was Forever Evil this week. Not only did we get Forever Evil #1, but we got 13, yes 13 books that were converted to villains books. This month all of the DC books highlight a villain on their cover and their story. If you can find them, I highly recommend picking up any of them as many of them have tripled in value in 2 days already. The 3D special covers are hot, in demand, and look beautiful. Action Comics 23.1 featured Cyborg Superman and his origin. Batman 23.1 featured a great past Joker story about him and a gorilla. Batman & Robin 23.1 gave us a current Two Face story about whether he should join the society or not. Batman The Dark Knight 23.1 gave us the origin of the new Ventriloquist. Detective Comics 23.1 gave us how and why Poison Ivy is who she is. Earth 15.1 gave us the story of Desaad. Green Arrow featured the villainous Count Vertigo. Green Lantern 23.1 featured the origin and explanation of the newest DC creation, Relic. Justice League 23.1 gives us the villain we have been waiting to see again, Darkseid. Justice League Dark 23.1 gave us the origin and appearance of the New Creeper. Justice League of America 7.1 gave us flashbacks of Deadshot, Superman 23.1 showed us what would have happened if Lex Luthor had his own Superman named Bizarro, and the Flash 23.1 gave us the continuing story of Gorilla Grodd and his obsession with Keystone City. Some were good, some were so so, and some were great. But Forever Evil #1 is where the villains really shined. Want to get an idea of how cool and what the 3D covers look like? Just check out this link for the 13 issues released this week.

Forever Evil #1

Continuing from last weeks Justice League 23, the Crime Syndicate has arrived on our Earth from Earth 3 and they are here to murder and destroy as much as possible. The Crime Syndicate comes from a world where everyone is evil. This team is basically the Justice League as evil as you can imagine. Consisting of Ultraman (in place of Superman), Superwoman (Wonder Woman), Owlman (Batman), Power Ring (Green Lantern), Johnny Quick (the Flash) Atomica (The Atom) and Deathstorm (Firestorm) the villains have a novel idea. They want to take over the world by leading our Earth’s villains and conquering the world. The only way to accomplish this is to kill the Justice League once and for all. One by one the Crime Syndicate scales the country attacking key places to free any and every villain they have. Think the breakout of Black Gate Prison and the freeing of the prisons from Batman Begins & The Dark Knight Rises times a million with super villains! The other fun part of this story is as Lex Luthor was caught in the crossfire of these villainous attacks he wonders where is Superman and why he isn’t saving everyone like he always does. The villains of our world learn fast that these Justice League lookalikes are just that, visually the same but definitely not good guys. They gather all the villains and explain their plans. Of course some are unsure if this is a wise idea and if they should join the Syndicate or not in the Secret Society. Of course one villain openly questions how do they know if they aren’t the Justice League in disguise with dire consequences.

Crime Syndicate

This issue comes to a shocking conclusion as the villains want to make an example out of someone on national television. Broadcasting to the entire world, the Crime Syndicate show that they have captured Nightwing and have him tied up in front of all of the villains. Obviously SPOILERS are next, so stop reading if you do not want to know what happened at the end of the issue. Do not say I did not warn you, but unless you have ignored the internet this week you might already known or have read that they unmasked Nightwing in front of everyone to reveal he is Dick Grayson. Many do not know who that is but they go as far to show the headlines of when his parents were murdered and that he was adopted by Bruce Wayne. The Crime Syndicate also reveals to all of the villains that they can do whatever they want because The Justice League is DEAD!

Where is Forever Evil going? Will Lex Luthor and his Bizarro Superman fight the villains to save the world when true evil stares him in the face? Is the Justice League really dead? 6 issues to go for this series and another 42 villain centric tie ins in every DC book. DC promises that this book will have ramifications for many characters. We will have to wait and see how truly evil comics become.

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