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DC Comics Apoligizes for Harley Quinn Suicide Contest That Took Place During National Suicide Prevention Week

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Harley Quinn has always been a fun character.  She is basically the female version of the Joker and is equally crazy.  DC comics recently showed they too can be equally crazy when they announced a new contest to create a way she can commit suicide in their new Harley Quinn comic coming out. As part of their new open talent search DC comics in association with the co-writer Jimmy Palmiotti wanted to see who can create the best suicide scene. Even Palmiotti said the scene was intended to be a dream sequence in “a Mad magazine/Looney Tunes approach.” The only problem with this whole contest was it is National Suicide Prevention week. At first DC tried to brush this under the rug by having several heads of the company redirect the news to other stories. Needless to say DC finally “sincerely apologizes” for the offense nature of the script page, while arguing that the page misrepresents the full context of the story. So they are sorry if you were offended, but it isn’t what the story is about so don’t be offended basically. Will DC heads ever learn when to stop explaining and just apologize?

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