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‘Derek’ Review

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With the widely successful mockumentary shows like The Office, it was only fitting Ricky Gervais continues his success with Derek—streaming only on Netflix.

The show follows an autistic 49-year-old, played by Gervais, who works in a nursing home filled with varying characters. It’s run by a school drop out named Hannah, played by Kerry Godliman, who’s very protective of Derek. So much so, that she headbutts a woman in a bar who made snide remarks at Derek.

OB-YL222_derek2_E_20130806120013There’s also an apathetic handyman, Dougie, played by Karl Pilkington. Dougie’s apparent hair loss problem is the ideal ice breaker for anyone who first meets him and although he realizes it will never come into fashion, I think he enjoys the attention. It gives him the chance to voice his unhappiness with the world.

Lastly, there’s Kev, played by David Earl. He doesn’t actually work in the nursing home, he just spends his free time there, which in his case is 24/7. With no job, no ambitions and constant beer drinking, he’s content with just spending time with the elderly, a lovable caretaker and a bald handyman. His crude humor is also a welcome addition to the show when the series takes heavy-hearted detours when dealing with life and death issues.


The show’s incomprehensible identity is its biggest detractor. The show teeters between being a comedy, endearing drama and romance.

Although as it navigates through different genres, the ride is actually rather pleasant and depending on your sensitivities to individuals with mental disorders, the elderly, alcoholics and introverts—you may also enjoy a short visit to the Broad Hill nursing home.

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