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New She-Hulk Comic Debuts In February

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Comic book writing super lawyer Charles Soule and Hawkeye fill-in artist Javier Pollido join forces to bring you the return of an ongoing She-Hulk comic series this February.

USA Today broke the news this morning by interviewing Charles Soule. Soule will focus on Jennifer Walters’ day job as a lawyer.

“One of the things I want to explore is the fact that she wants to be exceptional at everything she does, but that’s not always possible. You can spread yourself too thin,” Soule says. “She’ll be out on her own, without much of a support group at first, a total underdog trying to make good. I love stories like that—Jen’s going to be very easy to root for.”

The story arcs will be on the short side, one to three issues each, according to Soule, and will be very much tuned into her surrounding superhero world. A huge guest star planned for the first issue, another A-lister playing an important role in the first story line, and an over-arching narrative with several elements of the larger Marvel Universe.

She HulkThis book is going to be a very fun read because of Soule’s personal experiences as an attorney. He will be able to create a great legal “dramedy” in the vein of David E. Kelley TV shows.

A few years back you might remember the run by Dan Slott and how fun that turned out to be. Soule and Pulido want to keep it fun while having elements of serious and danger. “Like everyone else, she might have issues”, Pulido adds, “but she’s not a tragic figure in the way that her cousin is, or a dark character.”

Soule knows what he is doing. He has stormed the comic book world and had seven different books out this September. Obviously it looks like someone has found his true passion, let’s just hope his lawyering isn’t being hurt at our enjoyment’s benefit.

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