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‘Batman vs. Superman’ Rumors Starting to Heat Up; CW Orders Pilot For The Flash - butr.net

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‘Batman vs. Superman’ Rumors Starting to Heat Up; CW Orders Pilot For The Flash

By Published on November 18th, 2013 No Comments


Ever since Warner Bros. made its big announcement of reintroducing Batman in the Man of Steel sequel and casting Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight, fans have been left in the dark wondering what DC Entertainment is up to. Comic Book Movie is shedding a little light on the upcoming film, rumored to be titled Batman vs. Superman, with a post written by nailbiter111.


Grant Gustin will appear Barry Allen on Arrow.

The writer’s source, named General Napier, said the movie will include Barry Allen, but not as The Flash. The popular DC Comics hero, to be played by Grant Gustin, was originally supposed to make several appearances in the CW series Arrow with a backdoor pilot episode toward the end of the second season, but Deadline is now reporting that the network will shoot a standalone pilot. Reception to the episodes introducing Barry Allen have been “very well received,” according to Deadline, which prompted the CW to go through with a pilot. CBM’s source said Warner Bros’ wants Gustin to star as Allen in the cameo, but it depends on how fans react to his appearance on Arrow. Wonder Woman will also get the cameo treatment in Batman vs. Superman with a brief appearance as Diana.

The article does not mention, however, any appearance or cameo for Oliver Queen, who is played by Stephen Amell in Arrow. But if Gustin stars as Allen in the film, is it possible DC Comics is connecting the new cinematic universe with that on television? It would be great to see the integration of both worlds, and, potentially, could prove to be more successful than Marvel’s attempt. While Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a solid show, Arrow is quickly becoming one of the better fall television series with great action and an even better story line.

CBM also reported that the new Lex Luthor will be similar to that seen in Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman. The article states that director Zack Snyder said last week, “Lex [Luthor] loves calling him an alien.” You can see a video of Luthor in the animated film adaption of All-Star Superman below.

The writer tells his readers to expect the same kind of Luthor in Snyder’s sequel. The source described the popular villain as a charismatic, intelligent man who is loved by everyone, but secretly works in “fringe science” in an effort to expose Superman and convince the people of Metropolis the Kryptonian is bad for humankind.

The source also shot down the rumor of Terry O’Quinn (from Lost) as Luthor. He claimed James Purefroy (Fox’s The Following) was contacted about the role, but he walked away from it.

The film will also have a love interest for Bruce Wayne. According to CBM, the studio is looking for an African-American actress to play the part.

As if all these nuggets of information weren’t enough, film producer Daniel Alter posted this on Twitter:


A semi-retired Batman that no longer speaks to Robin (or Nightwing?) and shoots drones from his batcave? Or is Alter yanking our chain? This is a lot to take in. I know. Check out Comic Book Movie for more detailed, and some spoiler-filled, information on Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel. For more information on The Flash pilot, visit Deadline.

The Man of Steel sequel, directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, is slated to be released in 2015.

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