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PlayStation 4: First Look

By Published on November 18th, 2013 3 Comments

Killzone: Shadowfall

The next generation game consoles are finally arriving and I have gotten my grubby hands onto a shiny new PlayStation 4. If I had to encompass my initial impression into one word, it would be wow. 

Despite reports of the system arriving to some folks already bricked, blue screens of the death, HDMI port issues, etc., for me, the system has been nothing but delightful. It’s faster in every way, gorgeous UI and intuitive controls.

I was able to successfully register my PS Plus account via their online store and download the Resogun game without a hiccup. Even the Netflix App has vastly improved.


The only thing that marred my experience with the PlayStation 4 is the sheer lack of good quality games available at launch. I only purchased Killzone: Shadowfall so far and although the visuals left me slack-jawed, the gameplay has been lackluster at best.

But the lack of killer games is a given for a recently launched game console, in time developers will become comfortable with the system and surely built epic games. Which leads me to recommend to casual gamers to hang onto their credit cards for a bit longer and wait for the games to catch up.


As for me, I couldn’t be more pleased with the system and eagerly waiting for Xbox One’s release this Friday and yes, I’m getting it as well.

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