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Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Pros and Cons

By Published on January 5th, 2014 No Comments


Being fortunate enough to grab both next-generation gaming consoles this holiday season, I have spent most of my free time play various games, streaming movies and regressing back to my old childhood habits of eating way too much pizza and forgetting to shower.

In the midst of the heated debate between Xbox One and PlayStation 4, I wanted to experience both systems first hard to make my own personal judgement as to which is better.

Keep in mind, some of these items will get rejiggered overtime, so for the time being here’s my list of the top 5 pros and cons of both systems.

Xbox-One-With-KinectXbox One Pros

  1. Kinect voice controls, 60 percent of the time, it works every time.
  2. QR code reader via Kinect, instead of entering in 12-digit alphabet vomit.
  3. Multitasking applications.
  4. Instant gaming straight from the console’s sleep mode.
  5. Controlling the Xbox One with the SmartGlass app.

Xbox One Cons

  1. Hardware way too large, especially sitting next to a slender PlayStation 4.
  2. Software feels very much in beta, games and apps crash more often than expected.
  3. Kinect hand gestures are very finicky and superfluous.
  4. Very long install and update times.
  5. The controller does not include a rechargeable battery, perfect example of Microsoft’s nickel and dime schemes.

468px-9012525050_22e7a363b7_zPlayStation 4 Pros

  1. Slim and sexy hardware.
  2. Very clean and fast interface, easy to navigate out of the box.
  3. The updated controller not only feels great, but the added built-in speaker and touch pad show a lot of potential for future games.
  4. One of the best Netflix Apps on any device.
  5. Updates made in the background are seamless.

PlayStation 4 Cons

  1. Notifications are often missed and ignored.
  2. Can’t instantly resume a game from standby mode.
  3. No multitasking.
  4. PlayStation Network is unreliable.
  5. Lacks any sort of interface customization.

And the winner is…

Neither. Even though I spent most of December playing games on both systems, I still can’t name a clear winner and really why should there be one? I think competition is very healthy and Microsoft and Sony’s duel will only benefit us gamers in the end.

What do you think? Leave your comments of what you like or dislike about both systems.

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