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Windows 10: Universal Apps from a Web Developer’s Perspective

By Published on January 21st, 2015 No Comments

As a web developer building websites (including this one), I strive to construct websites that will conform to any desktop, tablet or smartphone automatically thanks to CSS3. Looking at Windows 10 and its promise of universal applications, I can’t help but think how responsive web design techniques could really benefit App development.



When building responsive websites, using CSS3 and SVGs instead of images for instance, benefits the user experience by providing sharp and crisp designs that don’t add any needless weight to the website. The same can be said for Apps that contain superfluous images or graphics. Universal App development could force more designers to be more judicious when selecting various artwork for their Apps.

One other immense benefit of building a responsive website is omitting the need of having a mobile-only version of a website whereby a mobile device will only load the mobile version and ignore the desktop variant. As you can probably guess, this adds needless additional time and resources to website development.



The same can be said about universal Apps. Instead of constructing multiple versions of the same application to fit various screen sizes, developers will only need to construct one App to fit any sized device. Apple, please take notice.

Having said all this, if Windows, or for that matter Microsoft, wants to win over developers, asking them to build only one App is a huge step forward.

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