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Pebble Time is Now

By Published on February 24th, 2015 No Comments

With the Apple Watch just around the corner, it may be easy for some of us Cupertino devotees to block out the competition. But I think this latest Kickstarter campaign from Pebble may be worth your consideration.

One of the most legitimate concerns tech reports are surfacing with the upcoming Apple Watch is the projected battery life of the Apple Watch. Although I would say most of us are very comfortable, or maybe just accustomed to charging our smartphones every night, that same experience may not be so welcoming to a smartwatch.


This is where the new Pebble Time comes in. It promises a 7-day battery life with a 64 color screen. Additionally, it incorporate a Google Now like timeline of messages and actionable alerts. I think this where a smartwatch will be most useful. Getting a quick glimpse of your to-dos while in the middle of a task seems like a very welcome addition to a busy life.

Personally, I’m on the fence about pulling the trigger on this watch, for now. But the Kickstarter campaign just started with a goal of only raising $500,000. As of writing this, the campaign is up to $5,810,431. That alone garners your second look.

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