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Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2013


The butr crew takes on Comikaze Expo 2013. As an added bonus check out our very own Josh Chaney embodying the very essence of Ultraman for DC. Scroll to 6:00 to check it out.

Bears Are Awesome


One of the few absolutes in life is Mondays are no fun (another is that The Empire Strikes Back is one of the greatest films ever made), but it’s even worse when you’re stuck working at the office while a few of your friends are enjoying Columbus Day by doing…Columbus Day-like activities such as Netflix […]

Man Eats Raw Meat for Five Years for His Health


I’m one of those snobs who will falter you if you ordering an expensive piece of filet mignon at anything above medium. In fact, medium rare to rare is my preference. I also enjoy beef tar tar when I’m fine dining. But, eating nothing but raw meat on a daily basis—for five years—is savagery. Derek Nance […]